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2015 RANCHER – 72V
MSRP: $7,229

72V 30AH Lithium Battery Pack
Up to 35 Miles of Range
QK TC65 Motor
18 FET Controller
Governed Speed
8 Horsepower
4” Soft Knobby Front Tire
4” Knobby Rear Tires
Weight Supported Rear Rack
Rear Mud Guards
Front Handle bar Bag
Rubber Grip Floor Mats
Recommended load carry weight up to
310 lbs
All Vehicles Include

Aluminum Frame,
Front Suspension Fork
Rear Suspension
Front Mud Fairing
Swing Arm, Lean Technology
Digital Display (Computer)
Power Controller
Folding Stem &
Handle Bar
On / Off Switch
Hydraulic Disc Brake Front & Rear
1 year component warranty
Lifetime frame warranty